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Why not let the beast...run wild?
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The Escapade vidshow is over, and I can post my vid, yay! All kinds of comments welcome, criticism definitely included.

Many thanks to falzalot for giving me the song, when I mentioned that I wanted to do a Twanky vid. I couldn't resist. And more thanks to elynross, flambeau and Thing 1 and 2 of flummery for beta'ing and for not beating my head in when I first told them what I wanted to do.

Title: Holding Out For A Hero
Performed by: Jennifer Saunders
Fandom: Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Description: Widow Twanky demands perfection! And she will seek it out, even if that means personally inspecting -- ahem.

Big (.avi, 25 Mb, 720x480) | Small (.avi, 6.6 Mb, 320x240) -- right-click and save, please!

I recommend installing the free VLC player to play this vid (and just about any vid you can find). If you have trouble, this guide will help.
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